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Sunday, April 24, 2011

End of first week

Hello everyone today is Sunday. Sorry I did not get a post out Friday night or Saturday night, to many things going on.

Well week one of insanity is done. As far as my weight is concerned I have lost 4 pounds. The lower blood sugar has been the biggest surprise. Since starting insanity I have been trying my best to stick to the nutrition plan and the calorie counting. The other challenge is to properly fuel myself for the workouts and not go too high with the blood sugar and loose weight.

Before I started this program every time I exercised, went bicycle riding (my passion) or played soccer my blood sugar would go up to un acceptable levels. And now after a week of intense workouts and a good diet I'm happy to say the now I have to worry about having lows again.

Fridays workout was another tough workout but again I wanted to work on form first. Once I get more weight off I'm sure I will be able to complete more of the exercises.

Saturdays workout went better. I had more room to move around and felt stronger and did not feel that I had to concentrate so much on the form. It felt great! As far as the blood sugar goes before the Saturday workout I was 125 and after I was 59. There is that drop I was looking for.

Well being that it is Sunday it is a day off with insanity but I think I will do a ab workout today. I hope everyone has a good day and tomorrow we will get back to the "insanity".

Good day
PS I am feeling more drive and desire than I have in a long time. This is another of those aspects of doing this program that I wanted to get back into my life.

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