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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 4

Good evening everyone. Well it is time to bring a close to day 4 of the insanity home workout program. Tonights workout was cardio recovery. Not as tough as the last few nights but it still showed me I have lots of work to do. Tonight was lots of stretching and loosening up of the muscles used the last few nights. As the title says cardio recovery.

It was nice not to have that "insane" pace and movement. There was still lots of work on the core, of which in need.

After the workout and after dinner I had a chance to do about 45 minutes of Qigong. This helped to calm my mind and body. Last year when I was training for a long bicycle ride I would do my 100 or so mile ride and at night before bed I would do 45 minutes of Qigong and the next morning I would not have any leg pain of stiffness. Well we will see if tonight's Qigong will do that same number on insanity.

About the blood sugar. Well before the workout I was 134 and after the workout I was 80. Now it is bed time and the meter says 94. I'll sleep on that.

Tomorrow the journey continues. See you then

Good night all

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