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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 3

Well there goes day 3 of the insanity program. Tonight I had slight pain in the knee and a little stiffness going into the workout and the blood sugar was 153. The workout was tough but as last night I wanted to work on form to build a good foundation for the rest of my life. Tonight I managed to get through most of the exercises without stopping to rest but there were a few that kicked my butt. After the workout my blood sugar was 99. I would say that was a good drop in the numbers

I'm really glad I started this insanity program because I feel it will help me with so many aspects of my life. Tonight I found myself feeling that same grind it out mentality that I had in high school wrestling practices about 30 years ago. This will be a life changer.

Diabetes, look out you have met your match. I am not quitting, I will grind it out, I will keep going.

Until tomorrow
Good night all

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