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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 7 and 8

Tonight is the end of day 8 of the insanity program. Sorry I did not get a post out but I was so worn out from the day and the workout that I fell asleep while typing my post that inadvertently got erased.

The funny thing about that was that before I started my post I set my alarm to wake myself up. So when the alarm went off in the morning I heard the alarm going off from somewhere in my bed. I had to laugh at myself for that one.

Well Monday nights workout was hard, I think, because I took the words "day off" a bit to seriously. I did not do any exercises at all, just did a few things around the house and ran some errands around town.

I think this upcoming Sunday I will do a light workout and lots of stretching. The workout itself was tough but I think I got too stiff. The other thing that bothered me was my right knee. The pain really kept me from doing a few of the exercises. That was a little frustrating because I don't want to have to stop doing insanity.

Today at work I was talking to a co-worker who had some knee problems when she did her workouts suggested I get a knee brace. So after work I went to CVS and got one.

The knee brace did the trick. Tonights work out went much better. I was able to do some of the exercises with no pain that I was not able to do the night before. The workout tonight was pure cardio. Not as tough as last night but maybe last night was tough because of the knee pain.

Well with the workout done and the blood sugar at a good number for bedtime I think I will turn in and dream of getting super fit and ripped and eating great healthy meals that don't ply games with the blood sugar numbers.

As a last quick note, since being on the insanity program and sticking to the nutrition plan my blood sugar numbers have been great. As an example, I have had to start being concerned of going low where as two weeks ago I was fighting to keep them from going too high. So keeping the calories down to 500 per meal and five meals a day has done wonders for my numbers. The weight is dropping off too.

Well time for bed good night and I will see you here tomorrow night.

Kihelakayo (keep going in Lakota)

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

End of first week

Hello everyone today is Sunday. Sorry I did not get a post out Friday night or Saturday night, to many things going on.

Well week one of insanity is done. As far as my weight is concerned I have lost 4 pounds. The lower blood sugar has been the biggest surprise. Since starting insanity I have been trying my best to stick to the nutrition plan and the calorie counting. The other challenge is to properly fuel myself for the workouts and not go too high with the blood sugar and loose weight.

Before I started this program every time I exercised, went bicycle riding (my passion) or played soccer my blood sugar would go up to un acceptable levels. And now after a week of intense workouts and a good diet I'm happy to say the now I have to worry about having lows again.

Fridays workout was another tough workout but again I wanted to work on form first. Once I get more weight off I'm sure I will be able to complete more of the exercises.

Saturdays workout went better. I had more room to move around and felt stronger and did not feel that I had to concentrate so much on the form. It felt great! As far as the blood sugar goes before the Saturday workout I was 125 and after I was 59. There is that drop I was looking for.

Well being that it is Sunday it is a day off with insanity but I think I will do a ab workout today. I hope everyone has a good day and tomorrow we will get back to the "insanity".

Good day
PS I am feeling more drive and desire than I have in a long time. This is another of those aspects of doing this program that I wanted to get back into my life.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 4

Good evening everyone. Well it is time to bring a close to day 4 of the insanity home workout program. Tonights workout was cardio recovery. Not as tough as the last few nights but it still showed me I have lots of work to do. Tonight was lots of stretching and loosening up of the muscles used the last few nights. As the title says cardio recovery.

It was nice not to have that "insane" pace and movement. There was still lots of work on the core, of which in need.

After the workout and after dinner I had a chance to do about 45 minutes of Qigong. This helped to calm my mind and body. Last year when I was training for a long bicycle ride I would do my 100 or so mile ride and at night before bed I would do 45 minutes of Qigong and the next morning I would not have any leg pain of stiffness. Well we will see if tonight's Qigong will do that same number on insanity.

About the blood sugar. Well before the workout I was 134 and after the workout I was 80. Now it is bed time and the meter says 94. I'll sleep on that.

Tomorrow the journey continues. See you then

Good night all

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 3

Well there goes day 3 of the insanity program. Tonight I had slight pain in the knee and a little stiffness going into the workout and the blood sugar was 153. The workout was tough but as last night I wanted to work on form to build a good foundation for the rest of my life. Tonight I managed to get through most of the exercises without stopping to rest but there were a few that kicked my butt. After the workout my blood sugar was 99. I would say that was a good drop in the numbers

I'm really glad I started this insanity program because I feel it will help me with so many aspects of my life. Tonight I found myself feeling that same grind it out mentality that I had in high school wrestling practices about 30 years ago. This will be a life changer.

Diabetes, look out you have met your match. I am not quitting, I will grind it out, I will keep going.

Until tomorrow
Good night all

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Second step

Good evening everyone. Tonight was day 2 of the insanity workout. At the start of the workout my blood sugar was 112. I was feeling good except for a slight pain in my right knee. The warm up really got my heart rate up and my muscles warmed up and ready for the workout.

As last night I wanted to work on form first and then speed. I want to tell you keeping up the form was tough. There were several exercises I was not able to keep up with the crew on the DVD but that is why I am doing this. I want to be able to keep up with life and not fall behind. I know if I can nail the form every time I will start this with a good foundation.

Now I know I do this. This will not be just a 60 day thing for me this will be a life time journey. Because diabetes won't quit I can't either. I will not quit. That is another thing that this insanity program will instill in me is that grind it out attitude, that go just one step more, that keep going behavior in all aspects of my life.

After the workout my blood sugar was 153. About 30 minutes later after a shower my blood sugar was 163. For tonights dinner I had my meal from meal plan 5 and now just before bed the blood sugar is 105. Tonight I took my usual 45 units of Levemir insulin. Tomorrow I will watch the numbers and see how well all this exercise will affect my numbers. I have a feeling I will need to dial back my Levemir dose as the program progresses.

Well it is late and time to rest and recharge these muscles. Tomorrow is another day in the journey of life. I look forward to filling you in tomorrow.

Good night

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First step

Tonight was the first step. Tonight I did the fit test for the insanity program. The insanity program is put out by It is a 60 day high intensity workout you do at home, no equipment needed. Just you and your own desire to get fit. This will be a challenge for me because it comes with a nutrition plan that is geared for fueling your body for the intense workouts. That means carbs too. Fortunately there is a low carb plan that I think I will try.

For the last week I have been using the low carb plan and eating the calories my body needs and not what I want. The plan calls for 5 meals a day. There are several meals in each meal plan and there are 5 meal plans. I am to pick one meal from each plan totaling 5 400 calorie meals a day.

Now since I got the program in the mail last Monday I have also done a few of the workouts to see how things go. Well with just 2 workouts this week and the low carb nutrition plan I have lost 3 pounds.

The next shocker has been how the nutrition plan has affected my blood sugar numbers. Since I have cut out a lot of the carbs I use to eat and started eating healthier foods my BG has stayed steady around 110 to 120 and sometimes lower than that in the mornings.

Well tomorrow the tough workouts start. Tomorrow it is all cardio for 45 minutes. I will also add 45 minutes of Qigong (Chinese moving meditation) to calm down the body and mind before bed.

The next 60 days will be a real adventure in that journey called life. Check in with me tomorrow as I share with you my steps toward a fitter more fulfilling life mentally and physically.

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