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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diabetes Bloopers

Well at the moment I can only think of two that crack me up to this day. First is it was about two years ago and I had just got my new CGM. Being a gadget kind of guy I found it interesting that I could set alarms for high and low blood sugar warnings. Well one night I had the CGM night from hell. First of all before I went to bed it beeped at me saying a low was coming. I took my correction dose and went up to bed. Then about an hour and a half after lights out it was beeping and vibrating. I had rolled over the meter in bed and it was saying lost sensor, my body mass was blocking the signal. So I corrected that problem. Then about 2 hours later it was beeping again, this time I had kicked it out of the bed and it was under the bed beeping saying lost sensor again. So I corrected that problem and went back to sleep. Then about two hours later it went off again telling me I was having a low so I checked my blood sugar and sure enough it was right. so I went to the kitchen to feed the low. I know by now you might be thinking this does not sound very funny but here it comes. At the time I was beginning to get attached to this thing so I wanted to give it a name and up until that night I had not come up with one. Well as I was lying in bed trying to go back to sleep before my wake up alarm went off the only thing I could think of was "NAG". Good name for it don't you think.

The second blooper was about two months ago. My family and I went to Colonial Williamsberg for a few days. One morning I had gotten up and went to have a great low carb high protein breakfast. It was a great meal to have before you go out to spend the day walking and site seeing. Well (I say that a lot don't I) long about lunch time we came to a nice outdoor cafe' and sat down to eat. I got out my meter to check my blood sugar and got the surprise of my life. I put the test strip in and fed it the blood it wanted and waited for what I thought was going to be a great number but to my surprise it said 511. My eyes got big in amazement as my family sat there in total shock thinking if Tony passed out at over 600 how much time do we have to get him to the hospital? As I sat there thinking this could not be and in closer inspection of the meter I realized I was looking at the meter upside down and the true reading was 115.

Life goes on doesn't it. I can't wait for the rest of it.

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Liz's Veiw on Life said...

I named my Dexcom "Dexter" (not very creative but I named it after the character Dexter in the Showtime series). I love the name you came up with, "Nag", it's so appropriate!

Karen G said...

Hahahaha, yup, Nag is the perfect name for a CGM. I've had plenty of nights when mine just Would Not Stop Nagging!!!!