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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Diabetes

Dear Diabetes,

Welcome, I think. Since you have come into my life you have forced me to make many changes. Some of these changes I am glad you have brought to my attention. Changes like eating a healthier diet and getting more exercise. Other changes like getting out and meeting other people you have visited. This one I will be forever greatful for.

On the other hand you have brought those changes that I will forever rezent you for. Most of all is the hard earned money I now have to put out for all those test strips and pills and insulins and alcohal pads. The other thing you have brought into my life is the constant nagging of having to think about counting everything I put into my mouth. You know I was never very good at math, is this your idea of a joke. And last but not least is the time I have to take out of my life to properly keep my eye on you. I feel like a baby sitter.

But with all that said, we are here together and until someone comes up with an idea of how to make you disapear I WILL make the best of it. Oh that reminds me of one other change you have brought into my life, my will to keep going. You have helped me to see that I am strong and that I can move on with life, a healthier more productive life and yes maybe even a life where I can help others living with you.

So in conclusion I wanted to say thank you for bringing adversity into my life and and teaching how to deal with it. Here is a story I think best says how I feel about a life with you.

An old indian man asked a young indian man how many steps do you think it would take you to walk to that hill over there? The young man said I don't know. The old man asked which step is the most important the first or the last? The young man said well, if I never take the first step I will not get anywhere. The old man asked what about the next step? Son, he said. I think it is important that just keep taking the next step. Wheather it is a small step or a big step does not matter, it matters that we just take the next step and keep going.

I will keep going.
Tony DiPalma
T1 since May of 2008


The DL said...

I love this beautiful story. Very profound!